Health/Inclusive Analysis

About the Health/InclusiveAnalysis

The Health Analysis and Inclusive Analysis are based on a questionnaire that you fill out. The answers you supply are very important—they guide the practitioner to look for certain imbalances and areas related to your answers. You are in the director’s seat; therefore, it is imperative that you answer as accurately and as close to the time of your appointment as possible. Vague and year-old responses will not adequately reflect what is going on with your body now, and will waste valuable time. 

Imbalances in the body are the origins of your symptomology. Our goal is to find the causes of the problems and eliminate them. Once the causes are eliminated, the body can then begin to balance and heal itself, resulting in good health in both body and mind.


Before Your Appointment

  1. Eat a good-sized meal and drink plenty of liquids, preferably water and other non-dehydrating fluids (a dehydrating fluid would be coffee).

  2. Remove all metal from your immediate body. This means all forms of jewelry or decoration. No metal can touch you directly. Underwire bras, buttons, snaps and buckles will be fine, as long as the metal itself doesn’t touch the skin.

  3. Bring all paperwork completed along with any test results and/or medical records. We prefer receiving test results and medical records before your appointment (in person, by mail or fax), as this will help the practitioner become familiar with your health conditions and expedite your appointment. (All forms needed for appointement are found in "Client Info".)

  4. Bring ALL prescription medication, supplements (which include homeopathics, herbs, vitamins and minerals) and any over-the-counter products you take, even if only occasionally. These items must be brought in their original containers so their ingredients can be examined.

Your Appointment

You will sit in a comfortable chair and be asked a series of questions related to your health. Your medications, supplements and paperwork will be reviewed.

Next, you will be handed a grounding bar made of brass, wrapped in a paper towel and sprayed with water, which you will hold in your left hand. Your right hand will be placed on the arm of the chair for the practitioner to begin touching specific points on your fingers. The right hand is used to communicate with the left side of the brain, which in turn transfers information to the right side (where the readings are taken from). The points on your fingers are called meridians—information pathways that travel throughout your body.

Using your questionnaire responses as a guide, the practitioner checks the frequencies from your problem areas. Each frequency is then matched to a remedy that has the corresponding frequency. Your body actually chooses the remedy. The beauty is that one supplement may take care of numerous problems or issues. Our bodies’ systems are so intricately intertwined and complicated that our symptoms may be far from the actual cause. Hence mental stress causes a physical ulcer.

Suggested products can range from therapies, homeopathics and nutritional supplements to herbs, flower remedies and phenolic isodes. The practitioner will go over each product and modality by asking your body which items are safe, tolerable, beneficial and effective. An item must be all of the above in order to be suggested.

Sometimes product alone will not balance a person therefore, other modalities (chiropractic adjustments, far-infrared saunas, footbaths, lymph star treatments, IV’s, massage, cranial sacral treatments, acupuncture, etc.) are necessary in conjunction with product to bring about optimal health.

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