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My mission, as owner of Remedies, is to expose, then eradicate, the causes of illness and disease in a caring and professional manner with the most efficient and effective methods, resulting in good health and wellbeing for a lifetime. While in the process of helping you attain good health and wellbeing, Remedies will educate you on the means to successfully maintain it.
Nicki J. Jansma, HHP

Come and experience Remedies

No appointment needed to shop our retail store. 

Allow our knowledgeable friendly staff to assist you in finding that certain something or just enjoy a sample of the tea of the day, the atmosphere and browse. Not sure what you are looking for, no problem. Each product has a description tag to educate you on its use. The store is set up in categories of “Healthy Living”, “Allergy”, “Male/Female”, “Homeopathics”, “Liquid Herbals”, and finally “Supplements”. Each area is in alphabetical order, for ease of finding your particular product(s) quickly.  

Healthy Living area is comprised of special foods (Turkish apricots, honey, coconut oil, etc.), protein shakes, greens, teas, soaps, skin and hair care, essential oils, ointments, salves, child and adult problem solvers. 

The Allergy spot is comprised of all remedies that combat or solve allergy issues. This section covers inhaled (pollen, dust, dander, mold, smoke, chemicals, etc.), contact (poison ivy/oak, animal fur, etc.), and ingested/internal (food intolerance, allergy, or sensitivity) reactions. 

Male/Female space targets issues that are related directly to hormone balance and maintenance. 

The Homeopathic area features single component and combination homeopathics in both Luytie and liquid form. We also have Nosodes, Sarcodes, Phenolics, Flower essences, Tissue Salts, and combined traditional homeopathics. 

Liquid Herbals come in single or combinations.

Supplement region of the store is comprised of items that are capsules, tablets, gel caps or specialty liquids in the forms of Minerals, Vitamins, Herbs and Oils.

Remedies strives to bring you the most effective and pure products. Nicki has spent and continues to spend countless hours researching and sampling products for quality, potency, purity, safe and effectiveness. Her goal is to have products that will suit everyone’s needs. She is very conscious of GMO’s, Gluten, Wheat, Soy, and other ill derived “other ingredients”. She is forever asking “what is the source of . . . ?” She wants the major ingredients to be made from specific chemical components to best be absorbed and avoid creating other health issues down the road.

For Example (Click Here)
Calcium Carbonate is the cheapest form of Calcium. It is made from oyster shell, rock, coral, bone, eggshells, and various other items. This form is hard to digest and assimilate, requiring other minerals and vitamins to complete the task of absorption. This means now you are buying more items to get calcium. Why not purchase Calcium in Apatite, Citrate, Orotate or Phosphate (MCHC) form and have minimal chemical processing (which takes more of your energy) to receive the full benefit of the mineral. By purchasing the inferior form of calcium, and having to add in additional elements to help receive the calcium, you run the risk of having too much of the other elements in your system which then your body is taxed on getting rid of the excess, or it stores it due worn out mechanisms for dismantling the excess. This then leads you to having to take something else to rid yourself of the excess. Yikes sounds like how drugs work. Take this drug and have a side effect, so then take another drug to combat the side effect of the first. Option two; just take calcium carbonate and hope for the best. The probability of gallstones, kidney stones, liver stones, bone spurs and a whole host of other inflammatory issues may await you. My goal is for you to take only what you need, no more, no less in a form that is suitable for you. Because calcium comes in so many different forms, the milligrams differ in absorbability. Therefore, be cautious to how much you ingest. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and AMA (American Medical Association) state 1500mgs daily for those over 50 years old, is based off calcium carbonate, knowing that your body will probably only absorb approximately 30% of it. Where another form can be absorbed approximately 98%, concluding less milligrams is needed.

Remedies is a Holistic Natural Wellness Center based on client care. Let the staff at Remedies show you how care, compassion, and special products can make a difference in your quest for good health. If you need direction in your health that is beyond generalities, an appointment with our practitioner may be suggested. There is no judgment . . . . . . each person has their own individual needs. The staff at Remedies values and respects every person who we interact with.

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